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Legal Action Begins! International lawsuit being led by Dr Reiner Fuellmich

Kary Mullis, PCR test inventor and Nobel Prize winner

Below is a snippet from a discussion with the American biochemist, Dr Kary Mullis, in Santa Monica 1997. In a discussion about HIV, he refers to the possibility of ‘misinterpreting’ PCR data.

The above link is a slightly longer version of the same interview.

Neurologist Dr Margarete Griesz-Brisson (MD PHD) says NO to face masks

Youtube appeal to the German people in Oct 2020

Hello.  This is my first video, and I do this fully in the knowledge that I may be exposed to mockery.  I am no great speaker, but I look people in the eye, and when they smile, I know that they have understood me.  This works in every language and accent.  My name is Margarete Griesz-Brisson and I am a neurologist with practices in Mülheim in Germany and in London.  I follow with increasing concern the events in Germany and worldwide.  Corona has proven to be a moderate virus and the measures taken have proven to be an absolute catastrophe on every level.  The next flu virus will come with the next winter, but please no panic.  The Americans say: it takes two to tango.  It also takes two for an infection: a pathogen and a host.  And when the host is strong, he can meet the pathogen head on.  Our health is mainly in our own hands; we need good nutrition, clean water, lots of exercise, social activity, joy, friends, love and lots of fresh air.  All these things help to strengthen our immune system.  Do you notice anything?  The government is preventing all these things.  And what we are being recommended instead?  Hand sanitising, social distancing and face coverings.

In terms of hand sanitising, within a short space of time countless untested products have arrived on the market.  We cannot imagine the extent of allergies, skin problems and immune reactions.  The enforced distancing is unparalleled in its brutality, indignity and cruelty.  This is surely without precedent in all of history.  As for the much-loved face-coverings, a person can go for weeks without food, days without water, but only minutes without oxygen.  Re-inhalation of the same air invariably leads to heightened levels of CO2 and reduced oxygen levels.  But we know that the human brain reacts in a very sensitive way to lack of oxygen; there are nerve cells, such as those the hippocampus, that cannot survive for longer than three minutes without oxygen.  The acute symptoms of lack of oxygen are headaches, confusion, dizziness, reduced concentration, reduced reaction time – reductions in our cognitive ability.  However, chronic lack of oxygen causes these symptoms to disappear; the body gets used to the situation.  But our ability to function, our efficiency will be greatly reduced.  And the reduced oxygen absorption in the brain continues.  We know that neuro-degenerative illnesses truly begin years or even decades before the real symptoms emerge.  This means that if you are forgetting your phone number today, the atrophy in your brain began 20 to 30 years ago.  Consider, by wearing the mask continually and re-inhaling the same air, the degeneration process in the brain is happening unnoticed. 

The second problem with the brain is that there is hardly any cell division of the nerve cells.  This means that if the government should generously decide in a few months that we may breathe oxygen, the lost nerve cells will not be re-acquired by cell division.  What is lost is lost.  This is particularly important for anxious people who believe that the masks will protect them from the virus.  The virus is approximately 0.08 mm in size; the pores of common mask are 80-500 mm and increase every time they are washed!  Common masks in no way protect people from a virus.  I do not wear a mask.  I need my brain to think.  I want to be able to see my patients with clarity of thought, not an excess of CO2 in my system.  In London, at least currently, it is possible for people to get a medical exemption without any problem.  In Germany meanwhile every pilot, every air steward, every shop assistant, every pedestrian and every neighbour seems to have been promoted to a kind of mask enforcement figure.  Lufthansa pilots turn away passengers if they do not have a mask; they reason that people who cannot tolerate wearing a mask will not be able to survive a flight.  This has happened to me.  And the next morning I flew with British Airways and I was not even asked about a mask.  And I arrived in London alive!

Perhaps you will remember that a few months ago a black man in America was killed by a police officer on the street.  The man said at the time: ‘I cannot breathe.’  And the police officer pressed harder.  Today the German people are saying that they cannot breathe.  And the government issues a fine of €150.  As a neurologist I must make it clear that every person who so wishes has the right to a medical exemption from wearing a mask.  There is no incorrect or false exemption here.  Lack of oxygen damages every brain.  Individuals must decide freely whether they are willing to undergo this in order to protect themselves from a virus with an ineffective mask. 

Masks are an absolute no-no for children and young people.  Children and young people naturally have a very active and adaptive immune system, and they require constant contact with the microbiome of the earth.  Their brains are equally active; they have so much to learn.  Young brains thirst for oxygen.  The more metabolically active an organ is, the more oxygen it requires.  With children and young people, all their organs are metabolically active.  To deny or even just reduce the oxygen supply to a child’s brain is not only damaging to health, but it is criminal.  Lack of oxygen hinders the development of the brain, and the damage resulting from this cannot be undone.  Children needs their brains to learn, and the brain needs oxygen to work.  We don’t need any special clinical trials for this; it is simple, undeniable physiology.  The deliberate inducement of a lack of oxygen is a wilful threat to health and absolute medical contraindication. This means that this medicine, this method, therapy or measure may not be used.  Extremely good reasons would be required to enforce an absolute medical contraindication on the entire population.  This would have to be assessed and unanimously approved by the relevant inter-disciplinary experts and independent bodies.  If the number of dementia illnesses increases exponentially in ten years, and the young people of today do not achieve their God-given potential, it will be too late to say that we should not have been wearing masks.

And now for this vaccination.  Angela Merkel has said that the pandemic will not be over until we have an effective vaccination.  Mrs Merkel, what do you now about viruses and vaccinations?  Have you ever had to look parents of a disabled child in the eyes?  Or see the pictures of the way that child looked before he/she was vaccinated?  No, you have not.  In my profession we see these pictures all the time.  And there is no way in this world of restoring these children back to the way they were.  Have you any idea of the kind of life-long pain this causes for the parents?  Mrs Merkel, a vaccination is not a Christmas goose that you can order at Easter to be delivered in December. Please leave the health of the nation to the doctors.  How can a dentist, a laboratory virologist, a software salesman, an electric car manufacturer and a physicist make decisions about the health of an entire nation?

Please, dear colleagues, we must all wake up.  I know how damaging a lack of oxygen is for the brain.  The cardiologist knows how damaging it is for the heart, and the lung specialist knows it as well.  Lack of oxygen damages every organ.  And where are our national health bodies and our doctors’ organisations?  It would have been their duty from day one to oppose with great determination and stop these insane measures.  Why are doctors being punished for giving their patients exemptions?  Must a doctor prove that lack of oxygen damages patients?  What kind of medicine are our doctors’ unions representing?

The lack of initial evidence for the effectiveness of these measures has now become clear evidence of their ineffectiveness.  And still the madness goes on.  Who is responsible for this crime?  Those who want to impose the measures?  Or those who let it happen, who play along or do nothing to prevent it?  Wake up Germany; this is not about masks, it is not about viruses, and it is most certainly not about your health.  There is a lot more going on here.  I will not play along.  I am not scared, Mrs Merkel.  I come from Rumania, I survived Ceausescu.  Before I came to Germany, I was a frequent guest in Rumanian police stations.  Back then I used to wear dark sunglasses even in the rain to hide my tears.  Then I was afraid; I was young and I wanted to live.  And when I arrived in Germany, I sometimes had to stand still on the streets because I was so overcome with joy.  I am in Germany!  I am free.  Only those who have once been deprived of liberty can know how this feels. 

Today I am no longer afraid.  I have led a wonderful and fulfilled live.  I studied medicine, I spent a year as an intern in Hawaii, completed my specialist training in New York, and I owe everything I have to Germany.   And when I go to protests today, I go on behalf of those who are perhaps young and afraid, as I used to be.  I want to say one more thing.  The proletarian dictatorship with all its problems has secured for us free education, jobs, health care and pensions.  Please be under no illusion that the imminent financial dictatorship will provide us with nothing of the kind.  As you will notice, they are already taking from us the oxygen we need to breathe.    The principle must be that of individual responsibility.  We are responsible for our thoughts, not the media.  We are responsible for that what we do, not our bosses at work.  We are responsible for our health, not the WHO.  And we are responsible for what happens in our country, not our government.    Wake up Germany.  You are such a wonderful country with wonderful people.  Thank you, Germany.

Translated into English by S.Banks, Manchester, 03/10/20

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